About Us

In March 2017 Tara O’Neill and Debbie Boyle joined forces and the Heart Wings Holistic School and healing centre was born.  Here you will find a magical mix of deep yoga and energy work.  Tara and Debbie and the team Donna Bacon (resident Counsellor psychotherapist), Audrey Doran (resident Holistic Nutritionist), Rosemary Brien (Atlantean, angelic, crystal, reiki healer & teacher), Lorraine Harte (Reiki, angelic healer) are dedicated to their work and it shows.  The centre is a sanctuary of healing and a hub for those drawn for personal development and/or to train as healers and teachers themselves.  Please feel free to join us

The Heart Wings

Gate beside Boyles Motors, Laraghcon, Lucan, Dublin

Tara 087216761

Deb 0863949117

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